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Monitoring data loads can be considered as a recurring daily activity for any BW Support Organization. In some cases it is also required to have a deep-dive into the DTP Monitor Log, e.g. for observing any “data related issues”. Often this task is assigned to a Functional Application Manager or Business User who might not have access to the BW back-end. It would be convenient to automate the process by sending DTP Monitor Log entries by e-mail to one or several receipients.

In this blog I would like to introduce a comprehensive ABAP Add-on which I developed for facilitating this process. Please refer to my document Implementing an Add-on for Sending DTP Monitor Log to E-mail for detailed implementation instructions.

DTP Monitor Log Entries

The screenshot below shows an example of a DTP Monitor Log.

Figure 1: DTP Monitor Log

As you can see the Expert Routine sent some warning messages to the DTP Monitor Log. The message log can be displayed by double-clicking on the log icon.

Figure 2: DTP Monitor Log messages

For each message you can show more information by clicking on the question mark icon. Next to an optional long text, you can find here the Message Class (i.e. the first part of Message No. - in this example ZILL) and Message Number (i.e. the last three digits of the Message No. - in this example 004).

Figure 3: Example of a detailed message

E-mail Add-on

The E-mail Add-on is an ABAP program which is intended to be included in a Process Chain. The program must run after the DTP for which you want the Monitor Log to be sent via e-mail. The next screenshot shows the selection screen of the program.

Figure 4: Selection screen

The program retrieves the latest DTP request according to the selections made on the selection screen. Subsequently, the monitor messages are filtered based on the Message Class (please see figure 3 for an example) and Message Type (e.g. Error, Warning, etc.) which can be optionally specified on the selection screen. If you don’t specify any Message Class and/or Message Type, all messages will be collected. It is mandatory to enter at least one E-mail Address and an E-mail Subject.

Furthermore, a word about the Abort flag. It is meant to influence how the program must behave in case of an e-mail send failure. I suggest to activate the Abort flag if sending the e-mail is crucial for the Business Users. The program terminates in such a case, the Process Chain becomes red and requires manual intervention.

Note: be aware that as a prerequisite the SAPconnect configuration must be OK. This configuration is not described here. Please refer to t/code SICF and SCOT.

As the last step the program displays a log of what has been executed.

Figure 5: Log at the end of the program

The program log will be stored as a spool request. This log can be viewed retrospectively by the BW Support Organization if required.

Last but not least, you can check out the outbound e-mail messages using SAPconnect Administration (t/code SCOT).

Figure 6: SAPconnect administration


In this blog I introduced the E-mail Add-on. It is an ABAP program meant to automate the process of sending DTP Monitor Log entries by e-mail to one or several receipients. Please refer to my document Implementing an Add-on for Sending DTP Monitor Log to E-mail for more information re. implementing this E-mail Add-on.

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