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The purpose of this document is to explain:-

The main advantage of Internationalization (I18n) is we can convert our Portal into different languages. Our portal supports minimum 20 Languages. Depending upon client requirement will change the language .

How we will change the Content, User and System Administrator to other language.

Go to User Administration--->Identity Management---->Search user=”UserName”---->Select “UserName”---->click on Modify----->Go to General Information Tab----->Here Change the Language =German

And Click on SAVE.

How we will change the Custom Role to other language Example:-(English to Germany).

  1. Create one Translation work-list and required Portal Objects Add to Translation work list. After add all Portal Objects then Release for Translation Data.

     Go to Content Administration -->Portal Content Translation--->TranslationWorklistCordination --->Portal Content- --->Click on      Translation Work list    



      Add All Object to Translation work list.


     Now Click on General Translation data----> Click on Release for Translation Data --->Click on Close button.



Now Publish Translation is in Disable Mode


Go to Content Administrator ---->Portal Content Translation--->Work list Translation-->Here Search Worklist ID: I18N_German*--->Click on Search----->Select that work list.

Change the Source Language to Target Language


Next Click on Load for Translation. Now Change the all Portal Object to German Language

Click on SAVE ALL. Click on Close the existing window ---->Click on Make as “Translated”.


   Again go back to

Content Administration --->Portal Content Translation --->Translation work list Coordination -->Portal Component--Open Our Portal  Object--->Click on Publish Translation.

Before the Publish Translation is in Disable Mode. Now its in Enable Mode.


Now which user we have to change the English to Germany. Choose the user and just change the language.

Its finally My Custom Role is converted to German Language.

Thanks you


Vijay Kalluri


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