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Logon to the HANA Cockpit Server with the <sid>adm user

Click Hana-cockpit on the lower rightside of the screen as shown above

Internal Server Error appeared in the page of the browser screen.

Check whether all the HANA services are up and running.

Logon to XSA CLI with command xs-admin-login

Get the Web IDE URL with command xs apps


To check the log , run the command

xs logs --all cockpit-web-app


As shown above, Could not authenticate with UAA: Could not obtain access token: request to UAA at https://<hostname>:3<INS>32/uaa-security/oauth/token failed, error: Request to UAA failed: certificate has expired (connecting to <hostname>:3<INS>32)


Logon to the HANA server with your <sid>adm user

Logon to XSA CLI with command xs login or xs-admin-log

Reset the certificate with command XSA reset-certificate

A new self-signed certificate for the default-domain is set and XSA is restarted automatically

As of XS advanced version 1.0.55, this will generate a new self-signed server certificate for the platform . XS advanced will be restarted automatically.

This restarted hdbxscontroller and hdbxsuaaserver services as shown below

Logon to XSA CLI with command xs login or xs-admin-log


Run the command xs apps as shown below

launch advance XSA as shown below

https://<hostname with fqdn>:39630

Then click Hana cockpit on the lower right side of the screen highlighted yellow color as shown above


It is important to note that once the command "XSA set-certificate" is executed on the primary node, it will immediately replicate to the secondary node, therefore no more actions or file copies are required. No additional steps need to be taken on the secondary node.


Command "XSA reset-certificate" can extend the XSA domain certificate for 1 year

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