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4. Download the Successfactor certificates and upload them in SAP PI Netweaver key-store.


a. To download the Successfactors certificate, open the target url in a browser such as Google chrome. First click on the lock button, then on the connection tab      and finally on the certificate information hyperlink.

b. There are going to be 3 certificates, which need to be downloaded.


ℹ Successfactor certificate

(ii) Symantec certificate

(iii) Verisign certificate


c. Open the successfactor certificate first.



d. Go to the details tab and click on the Copy to File.



e. Click on Next and select the format as DER encoded binary X.509, which is compatible with SAP PI.



f. Specify the directory and the certificate name and finish the download.



g. Go to the certification path and double click the first two line to access the next two certificates one by one.


h. Repeat the steps from d to f for these two certificates.



i. Upload the 3 certificates in NWA keystore in SAP PI. Keep the entry type as X.509


Note: Uploading the certificates in NWA keystore is not covered in this guide.



5. Configure the runtime objects in ID.


a. Create a communication component for successfactor i.e. BC_Successfactor. And assign the outbound interface as created in 3d.



b. Create a sender communication channel using SFSF adapter. Specify the message protocol as SOAP.



c. Select the endpoint URL for SuccessFactors from the list. If not already available, then specify it as others and then mention it in the Alternate Endpoint URL.


d. Specify the SFAPI URL suffix as /sfapi/v1/soap


e. Specify company name, user id and password.



f. Go to the Processing tab and specify the SFQL query as obtained in step 2q above.


g. Specify the poll interval accordingly. This is the interval which the SF adapter is going to be using to poll the SFEC entity.



h. Specify the SSL certificate. Tick on the specify SSL certificate and specify the certificate key for verisign certificate.


i. Create a standard receiver file communication channel on SAP HR system with NFS protocol. Specify the target directory and file name.


j. Create a standard ICO with the design and run time objects created in Step 3 and Step 5.


k. Save and activate the ID objects along with ICO.



6. Test the interface.


To test the interface, follow the below steps.


a. Stop and then start the Sender SFSF communication channel.


b. A message can be seen entering the Adapter engine in Sender communication channel monitoring.


c. A success message can be seen in message monitoring.



d. Go through the Message log to understand the message processing better.




e. The request payload will look like this.


7. Troubleshooting tips.


Few common errors related to the SF Adapter and their resolutions.


a. Error: A previous lock still persists. Aborting poll operation.


    Resolution: Ensure to increase the polling period in the receiver SF communication channel. In the example shown here, the polling period was increased         from 5 mins to 1 day to correct the issue.



b. Error: INVALID_SFQL. Invalid SFQL! Error: Query “-----“ is not properly formed.


Resolution: Ensure that the SFQL query is maintained correctly in Receiver SF channel. In the example shown here, comma (“,”) was placed between the         fields in SFQL query to correct the issue.






1. Install Operation Modeler:


2. Create a new project:


3. Modelling Operations:





SFEC: SuccessFactors Employee Central

SFQL: SuccessFactors Query Language

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