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Yesterday, Prof. Hasso Plattner, Chairman of the SAP Supervisory Board, held a  keynote titled Your Road to SAP S/4HANA and Beyondat SAPPHIRE NOW 2016.

A new world of enterprise applications

During his talk he elaborated on how SAP´s “S/4 HANA – One Database, One Platform, One System” strategy enables a new world of enterprise applications to fulfill the holy grail of customer goals, which are:

  • higher revenue,
  • lower costs
  • satisfied customers
  • and happy employees.

Intelligent enterprise applications achieve this via the following activities:

  • Automated optimization by continuous learning
  • Detect business patterns
  • Automate repetitive tasks
  • Accelerate business processes
  • Identify relevant business insight
  • Simplify user interaction
  • Reduce human intervention

Automate forecasting and predictive analytics

One important cornerstone of Hasso Plattner´s keynote was his focus on automated forecasting and predictive analytics.

“We can do now things for companies which is absolutely amazing. (…) Instead of doing this in Excel spreadsheets and spend time and time and time we can use a system for that. The number crunching capabilities of our modern computers is so enormous and since all data is in-memory the access to data is so fast.” he stated.  “The data is there, we understand the data and make a decision.”

Watch the complete keynote on the SAPPHIRE NOW website:

hasso plattner what is machine learning slide

The day before, Hasso Plattner has been seen at the SAP Digital booth discussing digital consumer insight. (See Federica De Monte´s blog post on what was going on there.) We are proud that our Configure Price Quote solution has been featured there as a partner application and was even available for live purchase during the SAPPHIRE via the SAP Store.

In Mind Cloud´s solution Cloud CPQ Express featured at SAP Digital Booth

In Mind Cloud´s solution Cloud CPQ Express featured at SAP Digital Booth on SAPPHIRE NOW 2016

Feel invited to learn more about In Mind Cloud´s applications, built on SAP HANA Cloud Platform, and how we use in-memory database technology to run and improve sales processes of our customers.

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