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Quantilus is excited to have the SAP Gateway team showcase our demo apps at SAPPHIRE NOW 2014. Our mission has been to build innovative applications to streamline business workflows, and SAP Gateway has given us the perfect tool to utilize the power of cutting edge technologies like augmented reality and machine vision in practical business applications.

SAP Gateway has allowed us to focus on building our applications without having to spend time and effort on backend integration, since the integration is seamless and instantaneous.   As a result, our total development time for these products has been exceptionally quick.

Visual Showroom

3D product visualization using augmented reality

Visual Showroom is an app developed for retailers that allows customers to shop in a virtual 3D environment in the context of their real environment. Using a tablet or a smartphone, users view 3D catalog items in situ, and place orders directly from the app.

Practical applications for this include but are definitely not limited to:

  • Interior Decorating and Design - Customers can visualize an item exactly where they want to place it in their home or office.  They can view a couch against a wall in the living room, or an entertainment center across from it. Users can select different colors, textures and materials for the furniture and visualize in situ.
  • Clothing/Apparel – Customers can view renderings of clothing in different styles and colors on a 3D image of their own bodies. They can capture screenshots and compare different “looks” before placing orders online.
  • Accessories - Customers can visualize 3D renderings of watches, sunglasses, jewelry and other accessories against their own bodies or on others. This can now solve the eternal question of "This looks good on the screen, but how will it look on me?"

It is painstaking and time consuming process (even for a professional designer) to estimate the fit and look of a product in a space or on a person.  Visual Showroom gives your customers a very real idea of how things will fit and how they will look.

This video demonstrates the features of the Visual Showroom app:

Visual Showroom Architecture:

SAP Gateway is used to extract and display product information, their variants, inventory level, delivery date etc. SAP Gateway is also used to place orders directly from the application into the SAP Business Suite.

Visual Showroom is a multi-platform app, and is currently supported on iOS 7 (iPad 3 and above), and Android (most tablets and phones running Android 4.3 and above).



Wearable devices (Google Glass) for workflow automation

GoToWork is a Google Glass app developed to significantly increase the efficiency of technical support personnel using machine vision and a voice user interface. Technicians can interact with the app in multiple modes while maintaining focus on tasks with both hands free. The primary features of GoToWork are:

  • GoToWork uses advanced voice recognition technology, enabling users to work “hands-free”.
  • Machine Vision is used to scan and identify products and parts. Data points are compared to product data in SAP to uniquely identify products.
  • Technicians can get step-by-step instructions, watch instructional videos, or share their viewport with experts for diagnosis and troubleshooting.
  • Users can directly check for the availability of specific parts in inventory and place orders for replacement parts.

This video demonstrates the use of GoToWork in a technical support scenario, where the technician can use both of her hands while getting instructions and product/inventory data through Google Glass:

The features of GoToWork can be easily customized for various business scenarios, such as:

  • Assembly Instructions – Users can get instructions for assembling and installing a product (furniture, electronics, etc.) by scanning a code or the product packaging. Users can also identify missing parts in the package and order the parts through the app. 
  • Locating Products in a store - The app can guide a user to the physical location of a product (aisle, bin, etc.) in a store. Users can place an order for a product in-app and go to the store to pick it up – the app will act as a “store GPS”. 
  • User Guides – User can get instructions on how to use a device or equipment (kitchen appliances, exercise equipment, computers, etc.) Users can scan the equipment and have GoToWork guide them on proper usage. GoToWork can also provide cross-selling suggestions for users to purchase from within the app.

SAP Gateway is used to retrieve the 3D model from SAP and to receive product master data. SAP Gateway is also used to check inventory levels of products and parts, and to place orders directly through the GoToWork app.  

GoToWork is currently built for and deployed on Google Glass, and can be extended for use on other wearable Android-based hardware.

We look forward to demonstrating these applications at SAPPHIRE, receiving your feedback and answering any questions that you may have. Feel free to reach out to us at for information about our apps or about our experience working with SAP Gateway.

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