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It has taken some time to publish this post. I did not want to share about my podcast if I was not successful I getting some different stories posted. But now I have made 9 episodes and have more podcasts scheduled and promised.

The activity in the integration space is really fast at the moment. For all Integration developers and architects, you need to figure out what is going on and how to implement all the new stuff. I have trouble figuring out what is going on and need to talk to some developers of the different technologies worked and where to use them. I think the using part is quite important so I hope to get more customers and partners share some of their stories.

I have now created 9 episodes it does take a bit of work, but I enjoy talking to other developers and learn from them. Hopefully, you will also learn from the episodes about how you can do things better.

Examples of episodes

Some of the topics covers is SAP Cloud Integration that seems like a bit topic. I have had marco.verhoefhci from Eneco to share about their SAP Cloud Integration migration. How they moved from SAP PI to CPI with a business case to save costs.

We have also covered SAP PI/PO testing because it is a topic that I do find relevant for a lot of developers, so there are two customers of the Figaf IRT tool. In once episodes does Mark Oshifeso from Anadarko about how they implement IRT to make it easier to verify that their system SAP PI system works as expected even after an upgrade.

It is not going to be all SAP stuff. The Enterprise Integration space is really large and there are other companies involved with integration. My contacts are mostly SAP developers so I would assume that a lot of the conversations will be over SAP Integration.

You can subscribe on iTunes or hear them directly on the site.


Do you have something to share?

I don't know everything that is going on in the integration space so I need to get your input on some of the things that are happening in the world of integration. So I need your input on what is moving.

If you have any interesting stories you would like to share please write me or post a comment. Then we can get you on the show to share some cool thing that you have used. Or if you just have an idea to a show that we could cover.
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