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Dear community,

we are working on combining ServiceNow with SAP Cloud ALM for a perfect symbiosis of both worlds, orchestrated by the ServiceNow solution "SAP KeyUser Pro".

We solve especially the issue of user support that will not be included in SAP Cloud ALM any more. Therefore, we use the ServiceNow platform to integrate SAP support onto the ServiceNow platform. Especially, the Keyuser support model is enforced.

Additionally, we integrate KeyUser support also in early stages of SAP projects to assure a smooth handover of Requirements and projects into future ongoing operation. An additional benefit is, that not only SAP projects are supported, but also mixed environments.

Leveraging the potential of an integrated architecture:

  • Continuous Support Request integration with Application Lifecycle Management.

  • Support for SAP Activate methodology (during prepare and explore phase).

  • Mixed (Non-SAP) ALM requirements covered.

  • Out-of-the-box integration with ServiceNow => Single Point of entry for user Requests

  • Capabilities for customizations of workflows (e.g. Approvals)

I would be happy if you get in touch with me for further discussions and feedback.

SAP activate support

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