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Hi All,

I am creating this blog to share my experience in integrating the Promenta webflow sample application into SAP Enterprise Portal 7.4.


Promenta are SAP Software Partners who provides innovative business solutions with a focus on SAP process automation and Enterprise Mobility. They have application which automate SAP master data, transactional and workflow processes across any platform or device.

Upon installing Promenta application in ECC and Portal we have can see many sample applications representing many features

I am going to explain how to bring one such Promenta sample application in to the Portal.

To run this sample application we need to follow the below steps.

In Portal under Content Administration-> Portal Applications

Create an iview based on portal application com.promenta.pct.wfbsp

Expand the portal app to show the component WfBSP

Right-click on the portal app above -> Copy

Navigate to PCD location under Content Management where we want the iView to be created.

Right-click on folder --> Paste as PCD object

Provide iView name and other iView Parameters as shown below.

Please make sure that the code link has the value com.promenta.pct.wfbsp.WfBSP

- Height Type = FullPage
- Isolation Method = URL
- Name = an appropriate iview title
- Logical System (SystemIdentifier) = Alias of the backend SAP ECC system.

This would normally be set to MCC_R3_SYS unless running in a multi-system landscape.
- MCC Webform id (FORMID) = the technical id of the webflow in the backend SAP ECC system.

Here it will be /PROMENTA/EXMP2_1

Assign this iViiew to portal pages, worksets and roles as per requirements.

And upon opening the corresponding role we can see the below output in new window.

Thus we have successfully integrated Promenta webflow sample into Enterprise Portal from ECC were the Promenta has been installed.

Thus we have integrated Promenta sample application into EP 7.4 successfully.


Thanks and regards,

Bharanidharan S P M


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