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Considering the newer technologies with SAP UI5/Fiori, most of companies plan to move to SAP Fiori design. The SAP Portal 7.5 version also has Fiori launchpad enabled for users.

However generally we have many other back ends like ECC, BR in our landscape .They may also have their own Fiori tiles and launchpad. Hence a need can arise to integrate the Remote Fiori tiles of ECC or BR launchpad in our SAP Portal launchpad.

This would mean a single point of entry for users through SAP Portal launchpad and ease of usage since it will be transparent for users whether they access Portal Fiori Tiles or Back-end Fiori tiles.


Below are the steps we need to do in order to integrate the launchpads.

1.Login to  https://<sapportal>/nwa.

  • Go to Configuration – > Infrastructure

  • Create Destination for the backend url . The url should be “http://<backendservername>/sap/opu/odata/UI2/FIORI_CATALOGS/”

  • Maintain the System ID , client  and Logon data for URL and Save it

  • Ping the destination and it should return 200 response code

  1. Activate OData in backend

  • /UI2/INTEROP Used by the SAP Fiori launchpad for navigation

  • /UI2/FIORI_CATALOGS used by the SAP Fiori launchpad to read catalogs and groups

  1. Go to content administration in Portal ( https://<sapportal>/irj/portal

  • Create A role

  • click on Manage Remote Content

  • Select the destination we created in step one and Search for *

  • You should see all the available catalog/group in the backend server.

  • click on anyone and add it to this role.

  • You can also assign categories and the remote tiles will be displayed in the particular Portal category on Launchpad.


  1. Assign this role to the user in Portal.

  2. Ensure the same user is in backend and has the fiori tiles assigned in backend as well.

  3. Login to Fiori Launchpad of Portal ( https://<sapportal>/irj/portal/fiori

You should see the remote tiles along with the Portal tiles as below

The Highlighted ones are remote Backend tiles.


Thus we can have a  single Portal launchpad as entry for all users and they can access any backend tiles which are integrated.

In case we have more backends , we can use Gateway hub as central point to host all backend tiles and integrate this Gateway with SAP Portal launchpad.

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