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This is a recorded online EA201 session Integrating SAP Lumira into Your Existing BI 4 Landscape

The usual disclaimer applies that things for the future are subject to change.

ashishc.morzaria covered Lumira, which is self-service, how to enable business user and the analyst. SAP started with BusinessObjects Explorer

Lumira Cloud is hosted by SAP and is a SaaS offering. Lumira acquires data, connects to sources, take it to the analyst, and the analyst transforms data

Figure 1: Source: SAP

Using the Java Connector, Lumira can connect to SAP ECC and any JDBC source.  It can connect to HANA in an online (data does not go down to desktop) and offline (bring data to desktop – use it locally).

Figure 1 shows it can connect to BI universes.

Does Lumira connect to BW directly?  Today it does not but in SP12 it connects to the BW universe.

Figure 2: Source: SAP

Figure 2 shows how to share the information.

SVID – SAP Visualization Document format – will contain dataset and visualization can be exported

You can export datasets to SAP Lumira Cloud

You can upload dataset in Cloud and the SVID file to share

Soon will be able to publish visualizations to the cloud

You can create HANA views without HANA studio

In BI4 you can create Information Spaces in the Explorer; this mobilizes the information as well.

The visualizations in Lumira are different than Explorer.

How refresh that data? In Lumira you have a Scheduling Agent that allows you refresh and replubish the data – as Information Space, HANA View or to Lumira Cloud

It leverages BOE credentials

Figure 3: Source: SAP

On the right of Figure 3 you can see it “flattens the stack”.

It is important to take advantage of platform – HANA is a “fast execution engine”.

Figure 4: Source: SAP

Run applications on HANA such as XS and have more native capabilities

Figure 5: Source: SAP

Pushed application logic into HANA and processing as close to the data as possible with fewer layers to go through


Why discuss it with BI4 integration?  It allows you to publish.  You can go and get your free account (no trial no expiration)

It is a way to share content and you don’t need IT

They are committed to HTML5 includes nice visualizations and fast execution and a “touch first interface”.

Figure 6: Source: SAP

Figure 6 shows a highly simplified version of the Lumira Cloud architecture

At the base you have the HANA cloud platform, HANA XS, and above this is Lumira and it is on a multi-tenant cloud that SAP runs

It has straightforward access to HANA.

HANA is moving from fast database to application engine with an HTML5 front end you are hitting the cloud directly

It uses HANA services directly – take advantage

It is hosted by SAP and uses SAP ID (SCN ID) then you have single sign-on

The account does not expire and free GB of storage of HANA.

To be continued...see Future of Integrating SAP Lumira into Your Existing BI 4 Landscape SAP TechEd Online Notes Part 2

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