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Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the most broadly adopted cloud platform with a global infrastructure. 

Every day, all around the world, users leverage the benefits from AWS’s on-demand cloud computing platforms for individual, unique needs that compose our everyday operations.

The magic really begins with the integration of different services and platforms, to work together and build solutions for each unique and ingenious idea. 

To integrate the components across AWS with SAP PI/PO or CPI, users can leverage the Advantco AWS Adapter to integrate AWS services for messaging, storage, coordination, database management, streaming data and delivering data. 

The Advantco AWS Adapter connects with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to streamline the exchange of data with the Integration Server or the PCK. The Advantco AWS Adapter provides integration services for a range of AWS services for messaging, storage, coordination, database management, streaming data and delivering data. 


Amazon Web Services Supported by AWS Adapter

  • Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS): a message queuing service 

  • Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS): a pub/sub messaging service 

  • Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3): a scalable cloud object storage service

  • Amazon Simple Workflow Service (SWF): an application builder

  • Amazon Kinesis (Stream & Firehose): a data streaming and delivery service 

  • Amazon DynamoDB: a serverless NoSQL database service 


Advantco’s AWS Adapter At Work:

Organizations across all industries use Advantco’s AWS Adapter to connect SQS, SNS, S3, SWF, Kinesis Stream and Firehose, and DynamoDB, rather than developing their own custom code, to streamline the connection between SAP and the Amazon Web Services with the integration Server or PCK. 

Leading online retailers use the Advantco AWS Adapter to receive orders and sell products on Amazon with SNS and SQS, and to publish and push data from SAP to Amazon Business Environments.

One international retailer uses the Advantco AWS Adapter to manage order details with SQS API by exchanging data between SAP PI/PO and Amazon SQS Protocol, then publishing data from SAP business environments to Amazon. Because the Adapter facilitates this communication process, there is less room for error and more accurate messaging attributes including Message IDs, Message Receive Count and Message Sent Timestamps for both sender and receivers, etc. 

The Advantco AWS Adapter also supports message encryption and decryption for content conversion. Another organization within the information technology industry uses Advantco’s AWS Adapter to use S3 for CPI to process .json files and to support the conversion between XML message content to pure text format before sending to Amazon SQS. 

This adapter saves users time by offloading certificate renewal from the organization onto the adapter and manages all changes on both SAP and AWS, as long as users stay updated with the current version of Advantco’s adapter. 

Regardless of organizational size, requirements, industry or environment, the Advantco AWS Adapter makes data integration and communication a lot easier with benefits that save time and money, eliminate errors, and support connection and conversion across platforms, services and tools. 



Amazon Web Services are a crucial system of online messaging, storage and database services for users around the world. 

Connecting this to SAP business environments is a crucial next step toward gaining a competitive edge -- and the Advantco AWS Adapter makes this easy for users of all kinds. 

Rather than developing a customized code or an in-house program to integrate SAP and AWS, Adantco created a product that does the heavy lifting for users so that they can focus on their core business processes rather than developing in-house integration software.

The Advantco AWS Adapter provides users with a seamlessly integrated, time-saving solution, support from experts, a fully-maintained adapter with updates in SAP and AWS platforms, and continues to add new features on an on-going basis as a response to customer needs. 



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