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In the previous blog, Integrating HCI with Twitter - Part 1, we covered the essential configurations that needs to be done in Twitter for integration. Now we shall start designing/configuring the iFlow in our eclipse based tool.

Create an iFlow, with SOAP as sender and the twitter as the receiver, with a simple one-one message mapping, with same source and target structure (mapping can be ignored as well) followed by a “Filter”.

Under the Sender system, select “Basic Authentication”.

SOAP Sender Configuration:

Give a relative endpoint address, and select the wsdl, which contains the source structure. The service and endpoint parameters gets filled automatically.

Refer Import PI Content for HCI, for downloading WSDLs, from an existing PI landscape.

Create a Message mapping, with just one field, and do a one-one mapping.

Add a Filter after the mapping in the iFlow, from the “Message Transformers” and give the XPath from where the content needs to be extracted, the value type as “string”.

Configure the receiver channel as follows. Select the “Send Tweet” endpoint post a tweet. Type in the corresponding artifact names that were deployed earlier.

Save and deploy the iFlow. Under “Node explorer” select the IFLMAP application as below.

Under Properties->Services, get the endpoint URL for the deployed iFlow. Open SOAP UI and create a SOAP Project, and enter the iFlow. It would ask for user credentials, enter your HCI tenant credentials.

Again, select the Authorization type for the SOAP request as “Basic Authentication”, and type in your HCI creds again.

Trigger the Soap request, with a message, and see the tweet in your profile

Message Monitoring in HCI:

For sending DM to other profiles, select the endpoint as “Direct Message” in the receiver and enter the twitter ID of recipient(without the’@’). Rest all procedures, remain the same.

Happy Tweeting  :smile:

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