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Integrating Twitter with SAP HCI

With SAP’s march towards cloud, and entering other business areas, here comes the new social media adapters for Hana Cloud Integration: Twitter and Facebook. This blog lights up on the steps to be followed for Integration with Twitter.

Configurations needs to be done on both Twitter and HCI for successful Integration.

Twitter Configuration:

The configuration in twitter involves generation of tokens and secret keys to enable authentication to the twitter application. We need to follow an app-based approach to get the required keys. The steps are as follows.

Log into using the twitter credentials.Scroll down to the bottom and select “Manage Your Apps” under TOOLS category.

On the next screen select “Create a new app”.

Filled the Website parameter, just because it was mandatory, and since it is a demo app.

Select “Create Twitter Application” once you have filled the basic details. The next screen would look like this.

Click “modify app permissions” to select the permission level based on the activity you want to perform.

Click on manage keys and access tokens. Note down the Consumer Key, and Consumer secret.

Scroll down to get your Access token and Access secret.

These are the four parameters that are essentially needed to authenticate to Twitter, and that are required to configure the Receiver Communication Channel. So the next step would be deploying these parameters in HCI as “Secured Parameters”.

Open the eclipse tool and log into your tenant. In the “Node Explorer”, right click on your tenant and select “Deploy Artifacts”. Select “Secure parameter” and create alias for each of the 4 tokens we generated in Twitter.

Once the parameters are deployed, we can start developing the iFlow for the same.

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