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SAP’s BTP services enable customers to engage and experience rich digital business. Integration suite capabilities can be further leveraged to build cost-effective robust solutions. In this blog we will connect BTP Services here, HANA DB with Cloud Integration (a.k.a. CPI).

Prerequisite (exploring through BTP trial account):

  • Account in BTP Cockpit

  • Access to Cloud Integration Tenant (refer how to setup Cloud Integration tenant)


  • Activities in BTP Cockpit

    • Create an instance – “SAP HANA Cloud”

    • Setting HANA DB credentials (to be used later to access the DB)

    • Create table & Insert data (to be fetched through Cloud Integration scenario)

  • Activities in Cloud Integration

    • Establish DB Connection in Cloud Integration (Overview -> Manage JDBC Material)

    • Design custom i-flow to fetch records from the DB

  • Add “HANA Cloud” service


  • Create Instance

                Database Name: DBADMIN

                Password: ****** (Give Password)

               Copy the host name. These details are required to configure JDBC connection in CPI (later                 in the steps).


  • Create table & insert entries

  • Setting DB Connection in Cloud Integration - Overview -> Manage JDBC Material

Click "Add"


  • I-flow (Based on the business scenario the i-flow can we tweaked)

    • We are passing the select query in the body of the 1st content modifier.

    • JDBC Channel

    • Storing the response in 2nd content modifier (just to see the output in trace)

          Note: Run the i-flow in trace mode to see the response payload


Here, we are selecting the fields from the HANA DB table. For other operations we need to            pass the XML SQL in the message body.


  • JDBC Data Source Configuration

Pass the user: DB user created above

Password: Assigned above

JDBC URL: “jdbc:sap://<hostname>:<port>/?databaseName=<database-name>&encrypt=true“

Sample e.g. jdbc:sap://


  • Output

With this we are able to create an instance of HANA DB, Designing DB schema & at last Connected HANA DB through Cloud Integration.

Any question or feedback will be appreciated!
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