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Hi All,

In this document we will see how we can communicate SAP PI with Dell Boomi.

To send the data from SAP PI to Dell Boomi, I have made use of Atomsphere API. There might be requirement from business to start the flow externally in Dell Boomi. For this purpose, we can make a SOAP API or REST API call. We will see step by step configurations for Executing process in Dell Boomi.

As a first start, make sure the certificate from Dell Boomi is deployed on PI server.

ESR Steps -

1. Import the XSD file to trigger the execute process of Dell Boomi -

Please make a note, this is a synchronous call with Dell Boomi.

2. Create Service Interface for outbound -

3. Create Service Interface for Inbound -

4. Create Message Mapping -->

     Request -

Please make note, to execute process we need to know Process ID and Atom ID only.

     Response -

5. Create Operation Mapping -

     Request -

     Response -

ID Steps -

1. Sender Communication Channel - For testing purpose I have used SOAP adapter and sending request using SOAP UI

2. Receiver Communication Channel -

Here we are using Atomsphere API so the syntax for Target URL will be -{ACCOUNT_ID}?wsdl

In case if you want to make a REST Call please follow below URL Syntax -{ACCOUNT_ID}

Now create a ICO objects which are regular steps.

Testing -

Get the WSDL file from ID and import the same in SOAP UI for testing purpose -

Provide the correct details of Process ID and Atom ID and trigger this message.

One message is sent, it will execute a process whose ID is specified in source message.

Path to see executed flow in Dell Boomi --

Log in to Boomi AtomSphere

Sample Flow in Dell Boomi -

Click on Manage --> Process Reporting -

You will see a screen of executions -

Thanks & Regards,

Rashmi Joshi

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