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This was an ASUG webcast yesterday

Source: SAP

Source: SAP

Things in the future are subject to change as shown above

Source: SAP

Not replicating data

Only access data at run time

Data is secure

Live connection is supported for SAP data

Source: SAP

User does not access cloud; he accesses reverse proxy

Proxy forwards request to cloud

Application pushed into browser cache

Ensure data authorizations in source system are honored

Source: SAP

HANA - implement CORS

Only works inside VPN

Looking to bring CORS to BW; no timeline

Source: SAP

If you have SAP Cloud Platform, easier to connect/set up - takes 5 minutes

Source: SAP

JDBC, or OData interface

Orange cloud - cloud solutions

Source: SAP

Cloud connector is "door keeper" - open door from the "inside"

Cloud Agent is the translater

If you copy data, the rights management is copied; need to implement data authorization in SAP Analytics Cloud

Source: SAP

Can connect via self-service scenarios for "smart data wrangling"

Source: SAP

Cloud remembers what you did

Source: SAP

Working on more frequent scheduling; right now only once per day

API is moving to Q4

Next quarter, live connection to SuccessFactors

Question and Answer

Q: Where can I get the slides?

A: slides are posted at - logon to first

Q: Is live connection with SAP BW/4 Hana already supported?

A: Live connection to SAP data Via CORS

Q: Which configurations need to be done for the live data connection between SAC nad BW/4?

A: set up Reverse Proxy, establish trust between cloud & BW

Q: The SAP Help says connecting to BW/4HANA is not supported - - is this right?

A: Missing update in document - it is supported

Q: if my both S/4 (not cloud app) and BW both hosted on cloud, can I use both Live connection and actual data acquisition mentioned here both? which are same with premise SAP dta

A: cannot blend data in this

Q: Do we have any limitation on any data source?

A: listed in the Help portal - will be updated in 1-2 weeks

Q: you can't join two data sources with live connections? you would have to import data first? is that correct?

A: True - however if both data sources on same HANA system it works; plan Q4 - HANA Live blend with uploaded Excel data

Q: the slide is talking about SAP data on premise, my SAP data all host on cloud (S/4, CRM etc.), are the Live connection or data acquisition both working?

A: Yes, if they are hosted on another cloud, same as your data center, set up proxies

Upcoming webcasts:

Also, next week at SAP TechEd Las Vegas is a good time to learn more about this topic – be in the KNOW
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