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In Part 1, we created custom code adaptation FAQ CAI chatbot and integrated with SAP Cloud platform Fiori launchpad.

In this blog, we will see how to integrated the same with On-premise Fiori launchpad. Lets begin...


Deploy the Fiori Launchpad  Chatbot plugin to Backend

  • To start with , we will deploy the Chatbot Fiori Launchpad plugin (created earlier) to the Backend system.

  • Select the Backend system and give suitable application name

Create Custom Catalog in the Backend Fiori Launchpad designer

  • Login to the Backend System Fiori Launchpad designer and click on create catalog

  • Create a catalog with suitable name and ID

  • Create a Target mapping with semantic object "Shell" and action "plugin"


Create a Role & Assign to the user

  • Goto TCODE PFCG and create a custom role with suitable description

  • Assign the above created custom catalog to it

  • Assign user to the role and we are done.

  • Open the Fiori launchpad are we can see the Chatbot integrated with it.


Lets see the bot in action in this demo video.

Keep Learning & Keep Sharing!!
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