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Integrate business processes between SAP Marketing Cloud(MC) and SAP Cloud for Customer(C4C) : Customizing


This integration package enables you to integrate business processes between SAP MC and SAP C4C. The integration scope includes the creation of leads in SAP Cloud for Customer from a campaign in SAP Marketing and the replication of Business Partners (accounts, contacts) and its relations.


Search for SAP provided standard package -> ‘SAP Cloud for Customer Integration with SAP Marketing’ and copy to your local space.

  • To do this step, Navigate through Discover/Integration path from the left side menu

Once copied, now click on Design and open the copied package where you can see all the business flows related to the SAP C4C and SAP MC integration.

In this blog post, I would like to cover ‘Replicate Business Partner to SAP Marketing’ business process flow, where we need to go through some customization as per customer need. Below steps explains you briefly with snapshots from our tenant.

Firstly, from the list of iflows from the copied package click to open the iflow (Replicate Business Partner to SAP Marketing) for our example scenario. We should not edit this iflow as we might miss the further updates on this business package from SAP releases, so for any enhancements or additional message/business process only to be handled via SAP provided provision.

Let's go through the quick steps as explained as below.

On the right top corner, you will find the buttons as below. Click on Configure as next step

Configure the required url’s of both sender & receiver applications, authorization parameters (which I am not providing those details here) and important parameter to be provided with value ‘true’ for extension of iflow. Save and activate the iflow.

Call to custom iflow happens from Post Exit step:

As you configured Extension required as ‘true’, the routing condition flows to local integration post processing, from where your custom iflow will be called using Process Direct adapter.

Catch here for us is SAP is providing us with both source and after mapping payloads, in the (Bundle Messages) Content Modifier step. This would be our start point for our custom iflow. Here property variable P_OriginalPayload is the source payload we got from C4C to SAP CPI and in.body is the after mapping payload which is to be delivered SAP MC format.

Business required for Customization:

We need to fetch few more fields data from C4C before sending the message to SAP Marketing Cloud. For this SAP C4C side we have an ODATA Get services to call as a lookup from SAP CPI for a given ‘accountId’ or ‘contactId’ and these fields are identified as a Custom fields at SAP MC.

Designing Custom iflow:

Based on the above requirement, I uploaded the C4C Schema from standard and updated SAP MC WSDL (along with custom fields) fetched from SAP Marketing system along with EDMX file to my custom iflow under resources tab-> Schemas section.

To call the ODATA services of SAP C4C, I used the Content Enricher steps and had a custom message mapping to map those custom fields to Marketing cloud application.

In Mapping step, I did one-one mapping as I have the after mapping payload (of SAP MC) from standard flow and I added the additional mapping rules for custom fields of SAP Marketing with C4C fields data which I got from lookup (ODATA service).

And the End step after Mapping, will takes back the flow to standard iflow and delivers the message finally to SAP Marketing cloud.

Additionally, we can configure the value mapping if needed.

Monitoring: For monitoring your iflow, go to Monitor Tab from top left corner menu -> All integration flows from Monitor home page -> Select your iflow.

This blog post is a reference for those who wants to customize the SAP standard iflows.
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