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SAP Process Orchestration to SAP BTP Integration Suite migration is a process that most of the existing SAP customers will embark in the next few years due to the sunset of SAP Process Orchestration in 2027. Int4 Shield is an official SAP recommended solution to support the migration testing of this endeavour and you can get the free for 12 months version of Int4 Shield Lite for this purpose.

Current State

At present, the test case execution and result validation for the SAP BTP Integration Suite migration process are carried out directly from Int4 Shield or other external test management applications. This approach has brought to light several critical pain points:

  • Lack of integration with the central test center for all SAP teams.

  • Absence of a Change Request Management (ChaRM) system that includes the SAP BTP Integration Suite

  • No integration with a central defect management solution

  • No automatic reporting mechanism for daily, automated testing of SAP BTP integration platform

These issues create inefficiencies and hinder the effectiveness of the testing processes.

The Proposed Solution

By allowing SAP Cloud Application Lifecycle Management (SAP Cloud ALM) to prepare and execute test cases for SAP BTP Integration Suite migration programs and daily test runs via Int4 Shield, the proposed solution aims to mitigate these problems. This approach offers several benefits:

  • It provides a central place for test case execution and validation for all SAP BTP Integration Suite customers

  • Enables Test-Driven Development for SAP BTP Integration Suite migrations

  • Removes external dependencies from testing SAP BTP Cloud Integration, SAP BTP API Management, and SAP BTP Event Mesh after the migration

  • It ensures business scenarios involving the SAP BTP Integration Suite are secure

Architecture design

As shown in Figure blow SAP Cloud ALM can call Int4 Shield which in turn can test the SAP Process Orchestration to SAP BTP Integration Suite migration process.

This allows to prepare the test cases in SAP Cloud ALM as shown in Figure below.

and execute them again directly from SAP Cloud ALM:


Using SAP Cloud ALM for SAP Process Orchestration to SAP BTP Integration Suite migration testing can have many benefits among central test case execution orchestration and test case reporting so customers on this journey can consider connecting both applications (SAP Cloud ALM and Int4 Shield) for SAP BTP integration testing. Wish you all the best with testing SAP BTP Integration Suite migration with Int4 Shield (part of Int4 Suite) and SAP Cloud ALM!







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