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I recently deployed a SAP HANA SP6 appliance for the openSAP course as described in this blog

I have listed below the operations that can be performed in SAP Cloud Appliance Library (CAL) Solutions/Instances and their AWS (Amazon Web Services) equivalents.

Terminology Comparison:

Instance -- may contain one or more Virtual Machines (VMs)Instance contains only one VM
Public Network Instance created in EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud)
Corporate Network Instance created in VPC (Virtual Private Cloud)

If you need more info about Private and Corporate Networks, you may refer to these blogs:

Instance Operations comparison:

This below table applies to AWS EC2 (not VPC).

SAP CAL Instance Operation   Operations/Commands executed in AWS
Back UpCreate AMI (Amazon Machine Image).
RestoreThere is no single command for this. It appears EBS volumes are created from EBS Snapshots, instance is stopped, original EBS volumes are detached, and the new EBS volumes are attached.

Note: Back Up is not possible for Appliances with more than one Virtual Machine (VM) like the openSAP HANA SP6 Appliance which has two VMs.

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