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Environment: SAP BusinessObjects 4.1 SP06 P4

Application: SAP Lumira, server for BI Platform 1.31.1

OS: Windows

IMPORTANT: Installing the SAP Lumira 1.31 restarts the SIA which will restart all your servers

As our SAP BI Platform is in a distributed setup. With Web Tier Instances on one server and the Services Instances on the other I will show you the snapshots of how to install in a step by step way

After downloading the software from marketplace, extract the files

1.Run the setup as the Administrator

2. Make sure the prerequisite are success. Here I had to restart the system. Keep in mind the server will be restarted too

3. After that accept the license agreement

4. I have unchecked the Web Application and Mobile Web Applications as my Web tier instance is on the other server

5. If you're installing on the same machine where CMS is installed, you will see the CMS Name and the Port Number. Enter the Admin Password and hit next

6. The Installation kicks off

REMINDER: SIA will be restarted in this step.

7. After around 30mins the installation was success

8. Now I repeated the steps from 1 to 3 in the other server where SAP BI Platform Web Tier instance was installed and selected the Web Application and Mobile Web Application

and continued the steps from 5

9. After around 45 mins the installation was success.

Hope this helps someone!


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