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As a technical consultant I have installed HANA on physical servers for a customer.

I could not just play around those HANA servers because they were in productive use.

I wanted a test HANA server for myself and the team I work in, but of course a physical server is too expensive.

Therefore I wanted a HANA server on one of the cloud providers. SAP has relations with several cloud providers to give you a choice of infrastructure platforms for your HANA system.

The ones I know are:

  • Amazon AWS
  • Cloudshare
  • KT ucloud biz
  • SmartCloudPT

I choose Amazon because this one is the biggest provider, has the best relation with SAP and has the option to shutdown the instance so that the billing for the processing power stops.

I went for the developer edition (not for HANA One because that one is for productive usage).

Of course I first checked the costs, but it seems OK:

  • The SAP license costs are free for the developer edition
  • The costs at Amazon for the small server (2 vCPU and 17 GB memory) based on 4 hours per day usage:

Via the SAP Netweaver cloud I started:

In the first step you fill in your personal data and your Amazon AWS account.

After filling in your SAP user credentials and Amazon credentials, you setup your HANA server.

So I choose the smallest (and cheapest) HANA instance size.

And I had a KeyName, because I have already a few instances running on Amazon.

It is really next-next-finish…

After this you jump to the Amazon console and you see that the creation of the server is in progress.

And after half an hour or so, we see it in our list of instances in the Amazon console:

This was much easier and faster than I expected.

And just to be clear: I did not have to install HANA myself, it was included in the instance that was created.

Of course if you want to connect to this HANA server, you need to download and install the SAP HANA Studio and SAP HANA client software on your PC or laptop. Of course you all know to how download from SAPnet.

The HANA client you install via: hdbinst -a client

The HANA Studio you install via: hdbinst -a studio

And to really use the HANA server, you need for example Business Object server and probably a SAP backend server which is connected via an SLT server.

But at least for now, I have a HANA server and I can import test data from a local file and experiment some with modeling :smile: .

Best regards, Marco

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