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This is to note that the purpose of SAP kernel parameter "zcsa/installed_languages" is for logon language.

Normally the parameter value is obtained by activating the languages installed using report "RSCPINST".

For NW below 7.4, this parameter should be explicitly set in the DEFAULT.PFL or Instance profile file.

For NW 7.5 and higher, the parameter "zcsa/installed_languages" is dynamic and should not be explicitly defined in the DEFAULT.PFL or Instance profile.

For this purpose, the languages parameter must be activated by executing the report RSCPINST as shown in the figure below.


This will populate the value in tx code RZ11 dynamically .

Then check the parameter value in tx code RZ11 and see the section "current value" as shown in the figure below.


To verify whether logon language other than English is working procedure is described below


Default logon language is English. (The parameter name for default logon language is "zcsa/system_language").

Change the logon language from EN (English) to JA (Japanese) as shown in the figure below



To confirm whether the word is actual Japanese,

Copy the text highlighted in yellow colour as shown in the above and paste it into google search engine.

Then select Translate tool as shown in the figure below, Automatically "Japanese detected" language was displayed .

Repeat three or four other words . This confirm that words displayed are Japanese language

Reference : OSS notes 2185213 and 42305


------------------------------------------------------------- T H E  E N D ------------------------------------------------------


Written by A Prasad Rao

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