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Hi All ,

Its a continuous blog from the previous blog

Installation of SAP on  RAC with Oracle ASM part 2(Distributed Environment)

Here, we will install the Database software for DBSID <SID>.

To start the installation of Oracle Database software we need to follow the steps highlighted in yellow colour.

- Logon  in as user oracle on database server node

- Set the DISPLAY variable

- Goto the directory /oracle/stage/112_64/database/SAP

- Set the DB_SID

Check the radio button Skip software updates

Select the radio button for  Oracle Real Application Clusters database installation

We are having 7 RAC node , out of which we are only installing Oracle Database software on RAC node 201 and 202 for Database SID <SID>

Select the Enterprise Edition option

Enter the Oracle Base value /oracle

Enter oracle home value /oracle/<SID>/112_64

With Regards

Ashutosh Chaturvedi

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