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I would like to share the purpose of Decentral Adapter for PI 7.3 and how to install and configure it from NetWeaver Administrator perspective.

What is the meaning of term “Decentral Adapter Engine”?

When a PI adapter is being installed outside PI system it is called Decentral Adapter …because the adapter engine which gets installed along with PI installation is known as Central Adapter Engine. Often it is also referred as Advance Adapter Engine. In a nutshell, unless the term “Extended” is not used it should not be considered as AEX (Advance Adapter Engine Extended).

Please refer to the installation master options for PI 7.3 Adapters

The setup of Decentral Adapter is more like a standalone SAP system, which means you have to install it as a separate SID, For NW7.3 PI it will contain SCS, PAS & DB instance of its own. Some people wrongly assume that it will have same SID as PI system and there is no need to have DB instance for it, which is wrong perception.

When Decentral Adapter Engine can be used:

  • There is Firewall between Integration server and Business system which cannot be opened for either security or corporate policy of Client(Customer).
  • Some protocols of Sender/Receiver system are not allowed e.g. ftp not allowed between two servers.
  • When we use Decentral Adapter Engine, because it is on different server and not utilizing resources of actual PI system, it shares load and boosts the overall performance.
  • If you wants to use some drivers which are not available for the OS on which your PI is running.

Installation of Decentral Adapter Engine (in this example Distributed option is selected)

Select suitable SID and provide common mount directory as per your server configuration

Select instance number as per your strategy.

Now we will move to DB instance installation:

1. provide profile path->

2. Select DBSID

3. locate the folder->

4. Keep the default two options checked and move next.

5. Provide Java Schema name.

You need to locate the path for Oracle RDBMS and Oracle Client.

Complete the installation with rest default options.

Primary Application Server Installation

1. locate the folder for Java Component NW73 on your server.

2. Provide Instance Number for PAS

3. Select Use Java Database (If you want to have UME in ABAP system you can do so)

4. Finish the installation with rest of the default options.

Please follow my next blog for Post step configuration.

Install and configure NetWeaver PI 7.3 Decentralize Adapter part-2

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