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I am writing this blog to share a strange behavior in SAC story and how I overcame this issue. I was developing few stories where I was using LIVE S/4 HANA connection to create data models and create the story on top of it. The reports were having multiple input controls as part of the report design. Now as part of the report look and feel, the main requirement was to have all the input control filters will be in a same color. But for some reason, we were not able to apply our desired color on the input controls. Lets have a detailed look into this issue below.

Issue description:

When I am applying the color in the input control and saving the report, the color change do not seems to take effect in all the input controls. I have tried multiple times. Currently all the input controls in the 1st tab are grey and all the input controls in the 2nd tab are in default blue color.

Issue Recreation:

Opening an already created report.

The report is having multiple tabs/pages and each tab/page having multiple Input controls.


Now, all the input controls are not in same color.

Going into Edit mode in order to change the color of the input controls.

Once the report is opened in Edit mode. There are two things we noticed. 1st observation was that all the input controls turned into “Blue” color when the report went into Edit mode. (in the above screen shot, we can see that the first input control for “Current Period” was appearing as “Grey” in the view mode).

We opened the settings of the Input control and checked what it is showing currently. We saw that the color is appearing as “Blue” only.

We now changed the color of all the input control to “Grey” and saved the report. When doing the same, we noticed the 2nd observation below:

When applying the color, the color is not getting applied on the Input control instantly. As you can see from the below screenshot. The grey color is applied already, but the input control color remains the same as “blue”.

Now, after we saved the report after applying the colors in all input controls in all of the tab/pages, we reopened report

Reopening the report

After we reopened the report and checked the input control. All the input control in the 1st page remained the same and in the 2nd page onwards most of the input controls appeared blue

1st Page 2nd Page

Even after applying color in the input control. The color do not seemed to get applied.


To investigate this issue, we have raised a ticket with SAP 392582/2023

SAP Provided workaround/solution

SAP support have shown a workaround to resolve this issue. When we go to edit mode in the report and go to the settings. We must expand the length of the input control and then apply the color

The color will be applied and then we can readjust the height/width of the input control and save the report. After we apply the same method to all of the input control in all of the pages and save the report. We reopened the report. All the input controls was showing the grey color as intended in all of the pages.

1st Page

2nd Page



Although this is a bug in the current SAC and hopefully this will be rectified in the future releases, for now, we need to apply the work around of resizing the input control in order to apply the desired color to avoid this issue.
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