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Many thanks to all the lads and lasses in Team One "Mumsy-Book" the runners up in the InnoJam :smile: , it was a lota lota fun.

We built a fantastic series of App's for a Heathier World, which used HTML5 / jQueryMobile in two different ways:

1. Using Hybrid Web Container on iOS/Android, connecting using SUP to a Hana database.

2. Using WebWorks on Blackberry, connecting directly to Hana using OData interface.

I will post the code to a GitHub when I get back to the UK.

Mumsy book app source

You can see the presentation we did here:

Mumsy Presentation And others

The Team:

david.clavey, tom.major, gustavo.pereira, sravya.potluri, Dan Goodstein, flavior.laterza, Greta Seeger

The Pictures:

The coding turning point ...

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