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Recently for my personal fun project, I was checking different ways to open a chatbot in a website and found a way to inject SAP Conversational AI Chatbot into any website directly using SAP IRPA without modifying the website source code using a tiny hack 🙂

For example: Adding the SAP Conversational AI chatbot to the google website.


Use case can be a scenario where you want to provide a chatbot to a website and have the user interact with it using and executing IRPA commands via the chatbot, is my guess and I am not sure if there exists such scenario though 😄 , I was just doing this for fun and found this 😛 and here I am with this blog post.



So first create a basic SAP Conversation AI bot and go to connect tab and create a webchat.

Open it and get the chatbot script:

So initially I thought just including the script tag directly as an HTML element will do the job by using the below option[]=insert&s[]=button#inserthtml_htmlcod...


But it didn't work, so I had to use another option. This one I tried in the browser console using the below code:
var script = document.createElement('script');

script.setAttribute('token', '52cde468c645ae42eb837cdb7619a670');
script.setAttribute('channelId', '3051386a-9c8f-4e31-8597-d53b16cf2d68');'cai-webchat';



This works well in the browser, but how to do it from IRPA bot?

While I was checking it, I found another option 'EXECSCRIPT'. So I can pass the above code as a string to this function and it will execute that code in the browser page.
var script = "var script = document.createElement('script');script.src='';script.setAttribute('token', '52cde468c645ae42eb837cdb7619a670');script.setAttribute('channelId', '3051386a-9c8f-4e31-8597-d53b16cf2d68');'cai-webchat';document.getElementById('main').appendChild(script)";


So now when this is executed, it will add the chatbot to any browser. But make sure you find the correct element, in my case I am appending the script to 'main' using below code:


Let me know if any other better approach is there to this 🙂



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