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Hello All,

Background information:

I am wring this blog to make sure everyone understand error and find solution for it during Infrastructure Preparation step on SAP Solution Manager 7.2 SPS 06

Recently upgraded SAP solution Manager 7.2 from SPS 03 to SPS 06

As a part of solman_setup: Infrastructure Preparation step you came across to step "SAP Solution manager Connectivity" step

Now what you see is error message as below when you Test Connectivity for ICM for External access (Only if HTTPS configured)


Why there is error in connectivity?

There is certificate installed in JAVA stack for your HTTPS port is as below


How to navigate to this certificate?

Open java NWA  : http://host:port/nwa OR https://host:port/nwa

Navigate to Configuration >> Security >> SSL as showed below

Highlight your HTTPS you will able to see one of the SAP certificate is installed and its expiring soon as showed below under Trusted CAs tab

Remove this certificate from the list of HTTPS certificates and save your settings

Note: Make sure you in edit mode to perform this step.

Now Java ICM required to be restarted and please continue restarting it as shown below


Once restart completed go back to your configuration step and test connectivity on : ICM for external access. You will able to see following results. Save the settings and continue on next step.


Since you removed you will be looking to get SAPTrustedCA back installed on your system. There is no harm to install this certificate back on your HTTPS port as Trusted CAs and you can get this certificate from following links.

Direct Link to certificate: SAP Passport CA Certificate


SAP Trust Center Services


Lets hope that SAP have new certificate and we can eliminate this issue permanently but for now this is the solution to save this ICM for external access if you have HTTPS configured.


Thank you for reading this blog.

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