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Information Design Tool Opening Error and Easy Solution

Once in a While because of not properly closing the Information Design Tool or because of some unknown Issue when you try to open the Information Design Tool, Error Will pop up as below :

  To Resolve this quickly and Get back to work Follow the below steps :

Step 1 : Go to the below location and List down the Projects in the Folder into a separate notepad :


This is the same path mentioned in the error. You need to go to the same path that your error message is showing. Currently in the above
example I am going to the location where I got in the error message. Here instead of going to the .log file, you need to go to the folder : "\.plugins\org.eclipse.core.resources\.projects" within the Metadata folder. Find below the sceenshot :

  You can see that currently there are two projects in this folder.

a) ETPS2

b) SPLUS Operation Analytics

Just note all the Projects Names in your folder into a notepad.

Step 2 : Once you note all the Projects in the .projects folder, go to below location (.plugins Folder) and remove the Folder : “org.eclipse.core.resources”:


See the Screenshot below before removing the Folder : “org.eclipse.core.resources”:

See the Screenshot below after removing the Folder : “org.eclipse.core.resources”:

Step 3 : Now Login to Information Design Tool :

Now you will be able to open the Information Design Tool. You might get an error something similar to below mentioned Screenshot :

Click on OK. You can see that there is no projects now in the Information Design Tool

Step 4 : Now Create all the Projects that you noted down with Same Name as before using menu : File>New>Project.

In My case I am adding :


a) ETPS2

b) SPLUS Operation Analytics

Once you add just the Project, you can see that all the folder with in the project automatically came back along with .BLX File, .DFX and Connection Details.

See the below Screenshots :

Step 5 : Now you can continue your work :smile:

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