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Business requirement:

Provide summarized records of BW cube in ECC server that will be used for GL data posting in ECC server.

Implementation logic in BW

Build a report program in SAP ECC server which read the data from SAP BW infocube using standard function module RSDRI_INFOPROV_READ_RFC’.

ABAP Code (Logic)

Basic parameters of Function Module ‘RSDRI_INFOPROV_READ_RFC’:

I_INFOPROV: Technical name of Info cube

I_TH_SFC: Characteristics of the Info provider which to be returned in the output

I_TH_SFK: Key Figures of the Info provider which to be returned in the output

I_T_RANGE used for filtering the data of cube based on characteristics value

  1. Create a structure same as SAP BW cube
  2. Call Function Module ‘RSDRI_INFOPROV_READ_RFC’ and get data in internal table of type sap bw cube structure
  3. Looping a internal table to print the data of BW in program

Define structure same as infocube

Maintain selection option of cube fields

Calling standard function module to fetch data from sap bw cube

Here g_th_sfc is the selection for the characteristics and g_th_sfk is the selection for keyfigure

R_seloption is used for filtration of records based on 0calday in cube data.

Data of cube will be return in standard table g_t_data1

G_t_field will return the fields of cube with their definition

Print_result is used for displaying the cube data in report output.

Output of Report program

P_dest is technical name of source system from where data will be fetched in report program

P_calday is the filter criteria to get selected data from cube.

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