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Many a times, we will have a necessity to identify and download Fiori app configuration details and make a list for various reasons like,

  1. Make a list of apps applicable for our scope and proceed for app activation or custom Role creation so as to perform user assignments

  2. Keep a list handy with all apps that are applicable for our S/4 version or Product version or LOB, Role  etc

  3. List and Track the activation and assignment of apps etc., there could be 'n' no. of reasons where one would need a list of apps handy

To identify most of the details like underlying ODatas, CDS views etc, below blog by makoto.sugishita gives excellent information.

Here in this article, I want to touch up on a requirement where we need to know what all related apps present for a particular S/4 HANA version and how to download them at once instead of manually navigating from app to app on fiori library.


Identify related apps,

  1. From Fiori apps library navigate to Implementation information -> select applicable system version -> configuration information -> related apps


2. From app library's xsodata service

We can run this URL (XSODATA of app library) to get the apps list in XML

*** Filtering is highly recommended to avoid time outs retrieving huge content.

In the above service URL, we are trying to retrieve related apps information for 'S/4 HANA 1809' version represented by 'S14OP'

In the above snapshot, we have called 'Related apps entity set' data and retrieved all related apps for S/4 HANA 1809 version. And to be specific, Related apps of F0106 - process receivables apps obtained are shown.

We can download this xml file and use as per our needs.


We can also use this method to obtain any other information that we see on fiori library for an app.

If you want to see what all information this xsodata service can provide, we can call the metadata of the service and find out what all entities available in the service$metada...

For example, if we want to extract all apps from 1809 version we can call service like this, eq 'S14OP') 

this will take time, since it has to extract thousand of apps' information

if we want a particular app detail lets say for app: 'F0106' from S/4 1809 release , we can call the service with below filter:




Please let me know your views on this.

Thank you!
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