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In our current environment, our main objective is to build, process and deliver sustainable products that will bring acceleration to our innovation, build agility and market driven plans to increase supply chain visibility and collaboration, enhance manufacturing with artificial intelligence, IoT and environment compliant components, deliver products with less carbon footprints and sustainable supply chain and operate with safe and energy efficient assets to bring synergies.

But, as we see the enterprises from top-down approach, the transformation necessary to optimize the current set-up and eventually it creates a multi-release multi-year approach to enable the changes and strengthen the enterprises to operate at their highest efficiency.

SAP Signavio plays an accelerator role in understanding the current scenarios, compares with best practices and transforms at a higher speed to optimize the processes to achieve, succeed and thrive.

SAP Signavio Capabilities

SAP Signavio is built on the capabilities that majorly includes

  • Process Manager

  • Journey Modeler

and it transforms the process models utilizing

  • Process Intelligence

  • Process insights

  • Process governance

  • Process Automation


And empowered process models are shared to the entire organizations through

  • Collaborations hub

SAP Signavio Process Manager:

This cloud-based process modeling tool helps the organization to lay out the process models collaboratively using drag and drop functionality. It helps to compare models, track changes and by reusing them from a central repository.  The Process Manager helps to build the modeling conventions, process faster by creating various insights including system usage and RACI overviews. Also, it helps to measure cycle costs, resources and process performances.

Project POV: So, in a typical project environment this tool will not only bring a baseline to either a new design but also an accelerator tool that will generate rapid processing. During a workshop, this tool will combine multiple deliverables by creating a process flow, by calculating the times needed to run the cycle, cost etc. and also create a validation mechanism with the current process to determine the improvement of efficiencies.




This feature blends the Customer-centric imperatives and operational excellence. This tool generates the real time view of the Current journey model, define complexity, provide multiple options at the stages, touchpoints, customer thoughts, customer sentiments, and goals to define, refine and provide improvements to the journey so that the transformation creates the highest level of engagement. It leverages step by step models, embed widgets, extract process mining analysis and connect with customer thoughts and sentiments. This tool even helps the organization even in a resource crunch situation with standards built across various industries to identify bottlenecks, and advise duplication or any other negative impacts. It links data from operational excellence or customer experiences. This tool also has capability to connect with external systems e.g. Google studio.

Project POV: This tool will enable the design process during prepare and explore phase and help the customer to accelerate. This tool will help to quantify the current model, add the necessary steps, provide a feedback on the inefficient component and help the customer to build the most effective journey to optimize cost, cycle time and user experiences. This tool will help to utilize the data and run a scenario model to prototype a real-life scenario and bringing a most effective design process.



SAP Signavio Process Intelligence:

This feature is the process mining solution that helps to explore the power of the current model and experience data from multiple scenario-based systems. It unfolds the visibility to check the current solution, saves time to view insights and identify root cause, identify compliance issues and helps to build the combined solution. This tool immediately provides the true operating model and creates a step by step approach to build the standardization and redesign and simplification to align with the best practices.


Project POV:  This tool will reduce the exploration phase and help to build the as-is process in a typical project / program cycle. This tool will help customer to identify the gaps, deficiency of data and cycle inaccuracies. This tool will validate the customer to check how their current processes are deviated from best practices. This tool will accelerate the design workshop and define the phase gate check criteria.

SAP Signavio Process Governance:

This feature converts the current or future processes into a standardized flow and add the user roles. This process generates the holistic process governance, workflows and process release cycles. This process generates approval workflows with full control and visibility.

Project POV:  This tool will help to generate the pre-requisites on the workflows, define approval authority and process maturity before the project phase is moved to Realize phase.

SAP Signavio Process Insights & Automation:

This feature provides a process analytic solution and helps to discover improvement areas and automation requirement. It helps to connect with current system for data extraction, rapidly identify focus areas and identify the root causes.

Project POV:  From a project lifecycle, this tool will provide quick operating mechanism to identify focus areas, issues related to data or process operations steps. It will immediately provide a immediate solution for improvement, faster collaboration between IT and Business and fast tracking.


Prepared by: Sumit De and Shishir Wakankar




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