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This was a SAP webcast this past week.  SAP is providing BI Cloud Content because they see "content as a starting point of a fast implementation”

Agenda said “accelerate go-live, build on best practices, leverage your existing data”

Figure 1: Source: SAP

Content is free, disclaimer

Actions like setting visualizations, models, business users should do

The content can show beyond general capabilities what you can do with SAP data sources already

It builds on existing data with best practices

Accelerate go live; there for you to get started

Figure 2: Source: SAP

Content was provided last year in the above industries and lines of business

Figure 3: Source: SAP

Innovated twice, added retail and more lines of business

Figure 4: Source: SAP

In the recording you can see a demo of some of the industries.

Figure 5: Source: SAP

Artifacts are included; you can visualize and interact with data and some have smart data analysis

Not just demo stories with Excel spreadsheets; models are tailored to help with implementation

Also, SuccessFactors, Concur, Fieldglass connections

Sample data is part of the content

You can upload your data “pretty fast”

Data acquisition models – read in data from back end systems and store information in SAC – allows shipping of sample data

Also, ship live connections – tap into OnPremise data sources to retrieve data “on the fly” for real time analysis

How to get content – see blog; link to SAP Store, trial version, click checkboxes, receive confirmation e-mail, download packed file – contains 2 files – tgz file and PDF document, import content

Figure 6: Source: SAP

Go to App Center for partner content

Figure 7: Source: SAP

Upcoming content is shown in Figure 6.

ByDesign – upcoming

Invest in consumer products

Add to Chemicals financial area

New packages, models for Professional Services

Figure 8: Source: SAP

Best practices use the live models

More difficult to provide sample data; provide more services; see Best Practices Explorer for packages

Figure 9: Source: SAP

Content is grouped by lines of business and industries not data source

Technically, SAP Analytics Cloud runs on an SAP HANA data base and has HTML5-based UIs


Question and Answer

Q: Is this working also with BW/4 HANA?

A: yes

Q: Do we have some stories working on top of S4 CDS views?

A: See how to guide

Q: what about non-SAP sources. e.g. Salesforce?

A: can use more generic connectors such as OData / SQL but the content focuses on SAP data sources

Q: Are End-to-end scenarios available to connect to data at SAP BPC, adjust in Analytics cloud and extract back to BPC seamlessly?

A: The technology allows you to connect to SAP BPC, however, we have not yet featured this specifically in the Content. Content in general has plan-enabled models/stories as you will see, but not dedicated BPC package yet. A write back from SAP Analytics Cloud to BPC is feasible. SAP BPC embedded data may be use, a write back is currently not supported

Q: Do the packages depend on each other, e.g. the package from Q1.2016?

A: packages do depend on each other in that enhance offerings; no technical dependencies

Q: Can this content only be used in the Digital Boardroom or also in the SAP BO Cloud without Digital Dashboard?

A: We love to show the Digital Boardroom, but if you chose not to license it, the story can also be used individually - the models as well 🙂

Q: - are you planning to have "responsive" stories as content for the Mobile SAP Analytics Cloud app?

A:  Yes, this is on our roadmap. I cannot commit to a time, though ...



Notes from the moderator: Check out the blog from Guido Eichmann’s on the available SAP Analytics Cloud content.

Information about upcoming SAP Analytics Cloud webinars, workshops and previous webinar recordings can be found at:

The webinar recording will be available after the webinar completion:


Q&A from March ASUG Webcast

Q: How do you load your own data to the content?

A:  connect to Excel spreadsheet with your own data - where retrieve data from

Q: it will be helpful, if we get Link for the same

A: Here is the link:

Q: Can you tweak the content to customize as per our requirements?

A: yes

Q: If we already have partner RDS solution in the SAP Analytics Extension Directory, how can we make it more visible to the current content?

A: reach out to your partner manager

Q: Is there portability between BOB and BI platform on premise?

A: BusinessObjects Cloud built exclusively for Cloud; SAP has a hybrid strategy - use data from BI platform

Q: Is it connected to live data or data has been extracted and cached for great performance?

A: Real content, technical demo data; can switch to live connectivity per avail. matrix

Q: Can we link Guided Machine Discovery to Boardroom Agenda's?

A: not sure; working on extension of predictive capability

Q: Does this content require the back end to have certain table structure? Can it work with S4 and SAP ERP as well? What other data sources are supported for this industry content?

A: have tapped into various data sources - depends on area

Q: The Content looks very nice and easy? Is there possibility of starting with blank canvas and add these objects on as needed basis? Also, can HANA views and BEx Queries be used as data sources for this content?

A: yes - start with blank or tap BEx, HANA views

Q: When you changed budget data and saved it, is it saved to a new version? As opposed to saving it to the existing Budget version

A: option you have

QP As a SAP Partner, can we use this content to showcase BOC to customers?

A: yes
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