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There will be certain situations where we would need the Columns in Web Intelligence report to be sorted Alphabetically or sort as per the requirement of Customer. This type of custom sort won’t be possible if the column has large amount of data. So, in this blog post I have discussed the workaround for this problem.

Main Issue:

While developing a P&L Report I had to sort a Column to align the financial statements in the order as mentioned by my Customer. In this case it wasn't possible to sort the column since it had more values than the supported limit. So, we were thinking of a solution for this problem.

When I checked the custom sort option for the column named LEVEL in the Web Intelligence report it showed an error.

 As per my requirement I need to sort the numbers in a custom order. Since this column contains too many values we tend to face that issue.


So, in order to do a custom sort in such case, I had to search for a workaround. So, I tried to adjust the sorting limit of the WebI report. For this, kindly follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Open CMC url.

  2. Go to “Servers” and then “Web Intelligence Processing Server”.

3. Open properties and change the "Maximum Custom Sort Size" (entries) to an appropriate value as per the requirement here I have changed it to 10000.

Once its done save and close and then Restart Web Intelligence Processing Server.

Now if we check our report we can able to do a custom sort as per our requirement.

Thus, the problem is rectified.


So, from this blog post you could have got an idea on how to do a custom sort to a maximum extent as per the requirement in the required order. Please feel free to share your views and ideas on the same and also share if you have any workarounds for this problem.


"This object has more values than the supported limit. The custom sort cannot be edited do a custom sort in Web Intelligence Rich Client" from the link provided below :
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