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Forbes has announced the results of a survey which once again demonstrates the growing power of mobile in the workplace and in our everyday lives: mobile engagement will be a 30 billion dollar industry by 2018. With smartphones and other smart devices becoming the norm, no doubt the demand for new and improved apps will be at an all-time high, and that’s where mobile engagement providers come in.

What is mobile engagement? Put simply, mobile engagement is how a company reaches its consumers through a mobile medium. Most commonly mobile engagement is performed through an application for a mobile phone on either iOS, Android, or HTML 5. You’ll need more than just a website nowadays, and you can’t expect to build a mobile app in half a day. Thus, the mobile industry will see more buyers and more sellers of mobile engagement, working towards a streamlined company-to-consumer goal.

According to the article by Forbes, the growth in the mobile engagement industry will come from three sources:

Mobile engagement services: This includes the complex services for building a full system of engagement: ethnographic research, experience design, mobile strategy, business process re-engineering, redesigning middleware, analytics, system consolidation, and upgrades to back-end services. Cloud delivery, third-party services, and platform operations are not included.
Mobile device and app management services: This includes the per-device fees for managing devices and the apps that run on them: mobile device management and mobile app management. It could include the setup and management of a corporate app store to manage app and policy updates. It does not include monthly telecom or wireless broadband expenses.
Mobile app development services: This includes developing and maintaining native and hybrid apps for smartphones and tablets as well as mobile websites, including responsive design. It also includes using existing APIs to provide connections to the back-end systems. It does not include experience design.

Mobile engagement is set to explode in popularity and necessity. Have an app, a good app, before your business is left behind.

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