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Kingsley Hopper

03 - August - 2020

Hi All,

How are you doing?

Hope you all are doing well.

Today , I'm going to write a small post on the important and useful Tcode for BRF+ application developers, this tool will help us in many ways to use the BRF+ application.

The Tcode is : FDT_HELPERS

One example is,

We all know that BRF+ application will be captured in customizing transport.

In order to capture the whole BRF+ application and the objects inside it , we will have to use this tcode FDT_HELPERS to write the application to Customizing Transport.

One important thing to note is We can even see what the Tcode execution for a particular in the right side of the tcode.



There are many other options in this FDT_HELPERS tcode which is really useful for all BRF+ application developers.



Images References : Local Sandbox system.


This tcode FDT_HELPERS will help in many ways for the BRF+ application developers.

Keep Learning , Keep exploring.

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