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Hello everyone, the purpose of this blog is to contribute for a better quality of S/4HANA implementation through discussions about solutions that better meet the customers needs on the business processes.

Topics of discussion in this blog:

  • Problems in S/4HANA projects

  • RISE with SAP Overview

  • Intelligent RPA for business process automation and repetitive work elimination

  • Demonstration of iRPA with gains in performance.


Problems in S/4HANA projects

Many clients struggle to upskill in new SAP solutions and products. Technological innovations in today's world happen with a lot of frequency and speed, so the training process of employees has to follow in the same proportion and urgency. But how can Companies jump into digital technology by adopting the latest systems and solutions that are requesting more unusual technical knowledge? This is one of the reasons that makes RISE with SAP an aggregator in the migration process to S/4HANA on Companies. In addition to solving problems in business processes with many losses due to process failures and excessive effort in performing recurrent and daily tasks, many companies have major problems in carrying out their accounting closings and calculating results analysis. Simply deploying a new system does not fully solve business process problems. Without a doubt, in order to have companies which adopts the best technology in the digital world, with the necessary training and knowledge, they start with the adoption of the S/4HANA system and an innovative implementation methodology as the same time.


RISE Overview

RISE with SAP includes the following concepts:

Business Process Intelligence

This phase is responsible for analyzing the business processes where all automation opportunities for the implementation of artificial intelligence tools, Robot Process Automation and Machine Learning will be reported. Thus, the company's gain from the elimination of repetitive processes and human errors is exponential

Tools & Services

It checks everything regarding technical migration where systemic analysis tools, such as SAP Readiness Check and Custom Code Analyzer, which will read and transport the codes and existing programs in the current system where corrections and improvements will also be pointed out within the conversion process for S/4HANA.

Infrastructure & Operations

The infrastructure and operations in the cloud represent a technological advance for the company with a drastic reduction in the sustain cost. with SAP's cloud database the company will be able to focus its IT operations on other important activities.

SAP Business Technology Platform

With BTP, customers will be able to improve the company's processes through task execution interfaces (Chatbots), manual process automation with iRPA and the modernization of applications with new developments and customizations within FIORI.

One Business Network

This package offers a unique integration of SAP solutions for S/4HANA conversion. We have the SAP Starter Pack which includes 3 SAP products in the same RISE license with credits for usage.

The ARIBA network performs electronic integration with suppliers, purchase order confirms actions and invoices, improvements in purchase accuracy and cycle times, including mobile access for suppliers.

The Asset Intelligence Network is a vendor-independent electronic integration connecting with manufacturers, service providers and operators to manage industrial assets. Performs product information sharing.

Corporate logistics network, with Out of the Box Integration for automated and simplified pricing and freight contracting; Wide and growing transport network; Instant market price visibility with guaranteed real-time shipping prices directly on S/4HANA.


S/4HANA is basically offered in Cloud and On Premise versions. With the improvement of these products to the needs of the SAP customers we have some variations in the licenses of these solutions. The On Premise solution now has the PCE version – Private Cloud Edition, where the database in the cloud is now managed by SAP. With the RISE deployment offer we have the methodology of converting from ECC to S/4HANA. in this conversion format, Brownfield is adopted. Many clients like Greenfield approaching because of the opportunity to clean up a dirty database by replacing it with a new solution. However, in many cases, they find Greenfield implementation unfeasible due to its high cost, extended project timeline, and the need for a large implementation team collaborators. In these aspects Brownfield's approach takes advantage. Shorter implementation time, reduced team is needed to carry out the project, and as the analysis reports it is possible to improve existing programs without the need to start from scratch. In the end, the cost factor is the main reason for this choice for brownfield with data conversion from one version to another.


Intelligent RPA for business process automation and repetitive work elimination

The RPA is essential in the long-awaited automation of processes for SAP customers. During the Business Process Intelligence phase of RISE with SAP, a thorough analysis of the entire business process of the company will be carried out to capture automation opportunities.

All company processes that can be automated according to the respective SAP Best Practices Scope Items will be pointed out. In this way, the implementation of S/4HANA will eliminate the repetitive effort of the old legacy, which will enable a significant gain in performance in the execution of the company's business processes.

In addition to this phase, we have the SAP Business Technology Platform which offers us the automation tools SAP Conversational AI (CAI) and SAP Intelligent RPA (iRPA). We also have Application Modernization with the possibility of customizing processes through application development at FIORI.


Demonstration of iRPA with gains in performance.

We are going to watch a demonstration of importing GL accounting journal entries through RPA. This robot is able to interact with your computer's operating system, database or even other systems returning information to the SAP. It represents much more than a repetitive process, such as a transactional data migration or master data migration. In this example of the demonstration, information from accounting documents will be stored in a directory. This a small effort task because it doesn`t request user SAP knowledge. Only knowledge of MS Excel is required. The robot itself will search this folder and bring me the information contained in the file for processing within the S/4HANA system.

What stands out is that no custom code is required to robot deployment. There is an Intelligent RPA Factory where the users can consult numerous robots already available by SAP for prompt operation. Click this Intelligent RPA Factory User Guide link to check the user guide.


Where can I get more information?

The two events described below will provide more insights in this topic.

🔴 SAP Community Events (Language: EN)


SAP Intelligent RPA Online Track - 1st Edition

SAP Intelligent RPA Online Track - 2nd Edition

Thanks to everyone for reading. Leave your comments with doubts and questions. I will be happy to provide answer to everyone.


See you in next blog!
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