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Import File with Multivalued Hierarchy Table using tuple

I have created this document in the reference for the thread

I tried tuple concept for the thread and suggested the same in the below steps.

Step 1: Create a Hierarchy table with only one filed.

Step 2: create a tuple table as like below, please note this tuple table should not be multivalued.


Create the Process Role Code field in the main table and choose yes for both Display and Unique field.

Step 4: Now create a tuple filed as mass and make it as multi valued and call the tuple table which was created.

Step 5:

Now create the map in import manager as per to populate the data for Mass main table.

As the requirement is to have combination”Data Object + Process Role Code + Workflow Region + Material Hierarchy”

So call all the fields of tuple in the set Tuple update filed in the Map fields and values.

Step 6:

Now choose the Approver code in the Matching and set the default import actions as below.

Step 7:

Now trigger execute import and check the result in Data Manager.

I have imported the below Data’s and got the output as below

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