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Importing serves an important purpose in Content and Change Management. Here we will be employing the deployment method to import the objects. A model or story can be transported along with its underlying objects from one system to another.

Importing is required when we need to transfer contents between deployments, or revert back to previously backed up state of objects.

This method can also be employed for moving Objects from Neo tenant to Cloud Foundry tenant. Find more information on migration here.

For exporting objects from SAC, refer this blog.


Go to main menu -> Deployment and then Import.


Click on the up arrow to create a new import.

Click on select source file and select the compressed zipped file that we have exported in the export blog and click on Ok.

This will show the preview of the file, click on Upload.


From the New Import queue select your import and click Ok.

The next screen will show any errors that occurred in the process.

If the underlying model, data or dependencies are not fulfilled, or the underlying dependencies are not found in the same path/folder. It will throw error.

After resolving all the dependency error, all the objects will be imported successfully.

The newly imported objects will be in the public folder, which can then be organized accordingly.


Thanks for reading!
Sonam Thote

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