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In this blog I am going to discuss about the hard delta merge implementation in SAP HANA.

Before that I am going to give an idea about Delta Merge in SAP HANA.

Delta Merge: Delta merge is a process of moving data from delta area to main area called as delta merges. The purpose of the delta merge operation is to move changes collected in the delta storage to the read-optimized main storage.

There are three types of Delta Merge -

  • Hard Merge : Hard merge is a manual execution of merge.

  • Auto Merge:Automatically the data transfer from delta to main by looking ideal time of the system.

  • Smart Merge: It is taken care by system. System takes care to execute at application layer. When you want to execute at application layer it indicates as smart merge. It executed at ABAP application layer.

Here I will discuss about the steps to implement Hard Delta Merge in SAP HANA -

#Steps -

  • Log into SAP HANA Studio.

  • Expand the HANA system  and Expand the Catalog inside it -

  • Expand the BEST schema and then Right click on tables and Click on the new table -

  • Then provide  the table name  and provide column names respectively -

  • Click Execute to create the table. Then right click on Tables  and click on filters -

  • Provide table name and click ok -

  • Created table will appeared. Right click on created table . Click generate  .Click insert statement -


  • Insert values into the table using insert statement -

  • Click the data preview and the following screen will be appeared -

  • Right Click on table . Click Perform delta merge.


  • Click Ok .

  • Double click on system and click System information.Then Expand System and click Merge Statistics.

  • You can see created table hard  and also able to see it is performing HARD Merge  -


Now the Hard delta merge process is completed. Although it is a manual process , but sometime it is very useful during implementation.

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