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Hi All,

I would like to show you how to implement a calendar like filter in the body of a WEBI report like the one below

This example was build on SAP BO 4.1 SP5, but since there is no dependency of any new feature, I imagine it will work on any version that supports Input Control and object linking.

The idea here is to build a cross-table and make it an Input Control linked to the body of the report.

To start with I have a date object , [date], coming from a calendar table.

Build the following variables  (all variables

are dimension variables, except when explicity mensioned)

1 - Year = Year([date];

2 - Month = Month([date])

3 -DayNumberOfWeek = DayNumberOfWeek([date])

4 - Weekday = =If([DayNumberOfWeek]=1;"Mon";If([DayNumberOfWeek]=2;"Tue";If([DayNumberOfWeek]=3;"Wed";If([DayNumberOfWeek]=4;"Thu";If([DayNumberOfWeek]=5;"Fri";If([DayNumberOfWeek]=6;"Sat";"Sun"))))))

5 - Week = NumberOfWeek([date])

6 - Week_aux = If([Week] >52;1;[Week]+1)

7 a measure variable [day] = NumberOfDayInMonth([date])

Drop a cross-table on the report and set it[s structure like below :

Apply a break on [Month] and set it´s property like below

Now, hide the [DayNumberofWeek] row (right click on the Row and choose Hide->Hide Dimension

Repeat the procedure to [Week_aux] column

Name the block (table) as Calendar (right click on the table, choose Format Table->General)

We will create a elements link from this cross-table to the other elements on the report.

To do so, right click on the tabel and choose Linking -> Add Element Link

Select all objects

Click on Nextand enter calendar as the name of the input control

In this next step you will define the elements on the report that will be affected by this input control. Check all boxes except Calendar

Now you have a clickable calendar to filter your report.

This sample suposes the the report is already filtered by Year and Month

Post I will showhow to create a clickable list to select the month and year.



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