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The purpose of this document is to show the implementation steps in SAP ECC for the 'New WebService' engine in AIF 702.

Message for a outbound interface will be sent from SAP ECC via WebService using SOA to other system (for example: SAP PI). The messages can be monitored in SOAMANAGER via /AIF/ERR. (I have used SAP note 2010881 for reference)

1. Assign the 'New WebService' engine to the Interface (AIF IMG-> Interface Development -> Additional Interface Properties -> Specify Interface Engines)



2. In transaction SOAMANAGER, create a Logical Port for the Interface of new WS


3. In the ABAP program for sending the messages, use FM '/AIF/SEND_WITH_PROXY' and assign the Logical Port as an exporting parameter.

    (We copied /AIF/SEND_WITH_PROXY into our custom FM to cater to our requirement)


4. In /AIF/ERR, AIF message was logged,


and from /AIF/ERR we could navigate to Monitoring in SOAMANAGER

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