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As we are moving to SAP Cloud ALM as the new ALM tool. Let's understand the overview of Implementation in SAP Cloud ALM, the capabilities it offers and the End-to-End Implementation Flow in SAP Cloud ALM.

Process Overview in SAP Cloud ALM for Implementation:


SAP Cloud ALM for Implementation – Overview :

  • Self-guided and content-driven implementation based on SAP Activate methodology and Best Practices content

  • Fast onboarding of project Teams and Progress Monitoring of implementation activities

  • Project planning synchronized with SAP Cloud solutions release timelines.

  • Manage Implementation Tasks – automatically generated and adapted to customer scope.

  • Supports Fit-to-Standard workshops with convenient visualization of Business Models and Process Descriptions

  • Prepare and manage manual and automated tests.

  • Integrated reporting capabilities


Capabilities and functionalities in SAP Cloud ALM for Implementation:


End to End Implementation Process in SAP Cloud ALM:


SAP Cloud ALM for implementation – Customer Benefits:


  • Fast time-to-value through guidance and task-driven implementation

  • Harmonized implementation experience across SAP Cloud solutions

  • Instantaneously available, no deployment or configuration activities

  • Fast onboarding of your project team

  • Automated collection and assignment of tasks to the project team

  • Comprehensive workspace for fit-to-standard workshops Built-in transparency about implementation progress



So now it's time, we should start looking for SAP Cloud ALM for our Implementation Journey as well. It is more agile and more flexible and easier tool to use for implementation.

SAP is working very closely to make this tool accommodate more and more features that are there in SAP Solution Manager, but for that we also need to start using this tool and give our feedbacks and inputs to SAP to make it better.


I wish you all the best for this new journey.

Keep Learning and Keep Sharing!
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