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In this blog I am going to discuss on how we can combining of import data ad Live data in SAC and what are the options are available in SAP Analytics Cloud.

There are two ways to combine data from two source i.e.-

1. At model level by combining option of model data :

Two way we can combine two different dataset.

A. Combining two import data :

  • For Two import connection "Combine Data"  option works perfectly :

  • Steps is given below -

  • While creating  model on purchase data after creating it  use "Combine data" option to add sales order data. Select "Data upload from a file".


  • Select the sales order excel and combine the data using purchase Order and Sales Order Column -



  • Build and save model . Use the model to create a story.


B. For One import connection model  and one Live connection model the combine data :

  • Repeat all the previous steps and create the import model using import data and during creation select the live model connection to collect data from live connection and combine it into the import model.

  • Live connection can be BW or HAN or any other connection.

  • Build and save model . Use the model to create a story.

B. Data blending at story level :

In bend two model ( Import and import) or ( Import or live any combination) and create pages in story after going to data management.


But there is a limitation of this approach. You can add dimension or measure in filter but can not combine two data into single chart. You can create different chart, different filter using different attribute added or blended model and the filter will effect in the chart which build with blended model measure.  Also you can user different model into different chart in a single page.


Hope this will clarify your question.
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