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Hello All,

Today, I read an interesting article: The mobile web is dead, long live the app | ZDNet . Another catchy title and another obituary ( on the lines of 'Web Dynpro Java is Dead.' ). But, does it any have meat or is it all fluff?

The most compelling argument supporting the title was 'User Experience on web can never match app experience'. So, has it boiled down to just about the user experience? What about the data security, consistency and various other aspects of the solution? Are we giving too much importance to UX than the user demand?

Short digression:

As a user, UX is the driving force in adoption of any solution. In the current IT space, if an application/web site is not easy to use the users may never use it however secure it may be. So, UX is mandatory but its not everything. One of the aspect critical to the survival of the solution is its agility or the ability to change with minimal disruption. SAP calls it innovation without disruption. We shall discuss more about innovation without disruption is another blog in a different space.

WE are back:

If the tech evalengelists profess the death of mobile web then why are we bothered about the web applications accessed on mobile? OPEN UI5 and SAP fiori are being projected by SAP as one solution for all devices- desktop, laptop and mobile devices. Considreing the trend of decresing usage of web applications on mobile device then it impacts the single development model for all devices. We could still retain two separate teams, one for destop/laptop devices and one for mobile apps. More than the teams, we must have separate strategy for solutions on mobile. One solution fits all has been a good marketing mantra but rarely does it fulfill the user requirement. Hence, for a better user adoption, we must have specific targetted development model.

AS a default, we should have a specific set of people/team which should address the UX on mobile. The same solution may have to be developed as an App. Most news sites have their own native apps to ensure UX is not compromised. As an enterprise, it may be impractical to invest heavily into native apps along with desktop apps but the gap can be bridged by making use of apps which work across platforms. Wait a minute. Did we return to mobile web? Did we suggest indirectly that apps which run on open standards supported across platforms ex: browser, as the way forward?

IN my opinion, mobile web is the need of the hour. What is also true is we cannot have one screen developed for all device types. So, one solution fits all may be theoretically true but not practical to the users. We have to adopt out screens accoding to devices. the look and feel and the UX should be adapted according to the device types.

Well, after my confused, convoluted blog, I would end the blog sort of abruptly. There is evolution in this space and its bringing not just more clarity but also different perspectives. We need to observe it more before diving deep into it. lets keep the cards close to our chest before coming up with the next prediction.

Thank you all for bearing with me :smile:



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