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This is a scenario of IDOC to File using xml HTTP port at sender side and also including IDOC bundling concept together.

First, let us see the configurations required for sender side.

Step1: Create an RFC destination of type H in sm59

Path prefix contains namespace, sender service and sender component (i.e. IDOC as sender service)



Step 2: Create an xml HTTP port in we21 TCode with the RFC destination created in step 1.

Step 3: Use the port created in above step in partner profile in we20 TCODE.

After you are done with the configurations in ECC system, now comes the ESR part.

Create data type , message type and service interface for receiver side. Create external message for sender side(IDOC bundling).

Next step is to create message mapping with IDOC as sender and File structure as receiver.

In Operaion mapping, the sender service interface should be IDOC only.

Now comes the ID part,

Step1 : Create 2 communication channels. One for sender and and one for receiver

For sender channel, adpater should be of plain HTTP type.

Please note that the message protocol should be of type XI payload in HTTP body

Receiver file communication channel is created as usually

The other pipeline steps are created in usual manner.

Create the Sender agreement, Receiver determination, interface determination and receiver agreement in usual manner.


Please trigger an IDOC from we19

Testing needs to be done from ECC(unit testing client).

Now check the results in SXMB_MONI

Then you can check in message monitoring of PI system and also communication channel monitoring from RWB

Note: IDOcs won’t be visible in idx5 of PI system because it will skip coming here and directly reach the target system

It won’t be possible to test the scenario through Integration engine of RWB, because it will throw internal error: 500 sender agreement not found.

Because it will directly hit IE, so it doesn’t require any sender agreement but in this case we need to use a SA.


Rohini Potham

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