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IDOC_AEE sender Default (Recommended) configuration Settings in ECC and PI(NWA)

  1. ECC System Settings
    1. Step-1: RFC Destination
    2. Step-2: Port
    3. Step-3: Partner Profile
  2. SAP PI NWA configurations
    1. Step-1: RFC destination
    2. Step-2: Program ID registration
  3. SAP PI Monitoring
    1. Checking metadata or manual import of metadata
    2. IDOC number in PI system which SAP ECC send

Setting in ECC System

Step-1: Type “T” RFC Destination

  • Technical Settings
    • Registered Server Program --> Program ID ( Example : XI_IDOC_DEFAULT_XID)

Note: Make sure to give same name in NWA while registering in PI system

  • Gateway Server
    • ECC System gateway server because PI is Java only stack and no gateway
    • Gateway Service
      • ECC System gateway service because PI is Java only stack and no gateway
    • Unicode
      • Communication type with target system (Unicode) – based on your system configuration

Note: Say for example if you choose wrong Unicode you will get error – IdocException


         Error Monitoring t-code or navigation path in ECC and PI

    1. In ECC--> SM58 -->Error “ IDOC Exception”
    2. In PI (NWA) -->Troubleshooting -->Logs and Traces

            Error Description

[JRA] serverExceptionOccurred. Server XI_IDOC_DEFAULT_XI, Managed_Application_Thread_71, connectionId=2-<gateway server name> |<gateway service >|XI_IDOC_DEFAULT_XI, Exception: (104) JCO_ERROR_SYSTEM_FAILURE: An IDocException occurred (raised by system hostname|a_rfc)

             Solution to resolved above error is

Change the “UNICODE” in type “T” RFC destination.

In my case this issue has been resolved by changing it from non-unicode to Unicode.

Step-2: Port (tRFC port) -(same as how we will configure for IDOC adapter no changes)

Step-3: Partner profile  -(same as how we will configure for IDOC adapter no changes)

Settings in PI  system

     Step-1: In NWA-->Configuration-->Infrastructure-->Destinations

      • Create RFC Destination from PI to ECC system


Destination Name :  Any Name

Destination Type : RFC

Click Next

                        Load balancing--->choose NO

Target Host: ECC system

System Number: ECC sys number

System ID: ECC Sys ID

Gateway Host : ECC gateway host

Gateway Service : ECC gateway service

Logon Data -> provide log on data to connect to ECC and finish

Select your Destination name click on PING Destination( it should be successful)

    Step-2: In NWA-->Configuration-->Infrastructure-->Application Resources

Select “ Resource Adapters”

In filter condition under Resource Name search forInboundRA” ( for IDOC_AEE sender Default (Recommended) configuration)

We have other options “Manual” and “From NWA” . This document does not cover these configurations.

Scroll down to the screen and choose “Properties” tab

Your are done with connectivity for IDOC_AEE sender.

Now created all required objects in Enterprise service builder(same as normal IDOC sender ) and configuration.

I am creating objects for IDOC to File scenario.

Enterprise service builder objects

  • IDOC metadata
  • DT
  • MT
  • SI
  • MM
  • OM

Integration Directory ( Configuration) objects

  • Secenario
  • Sender BS
  • Receiver BS/BC
  • Create Sender channel with IDOC_AEE adapter type
    • RFC Server Parameters – Default (Recommanded)
  • Receiver Communication Channel
  • ICO Configuration


In ECC, using WE19 trigger IDOC

Monitoring in PI

IDOC Meta Data

When you trigger IDOC, it will automatically import meta data using Destination which you created in PI NWA same as standard IDOC.

Path to monitor metadata is

  • Configuration and Monitoring Home--> Monitoring-->IDOC Monitor-->Metadata Monitor


You have options

  • to “DELETE” metadata incase if there is any changes in IDOC structure
  • “PRELOAD”  manual import of metadata
  • “RELOAD” to reload metadata

Using “Message Monitor” you can monitor IDOC and even you get IDOC number which SAP ECC send to PI system also.

In Communication Channel monitoring we can find IDOC number(see above screen for logs) which SAP ECC sent.

When I am working this configuration I had a problem for finding what is wrong with my configuration. Finally I came to know that there was a problem with "unicode" option in RFC destination and had problem while registering program ID in NWA. So I decided to publish this blog. Hoping this blog will help you to avoid those issue.

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