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Here is an easy way to maintain the users UI access(display/edit/create access control).

  1. Create a custom privilege for the UI Display tasks & UI Edit tasks:
    • PRIV:ROLE:TestUI_Edit
    • PRIV:ROLE:TestUI_Display


Note: for each UI task(display/edit/create) add the needed privilege.

   2.    Create a custom job to maintain the users access

    • You can use a csv file, based  on this file you can grant the needed access(PRIV:ROLE:TestUI_Display/ PRIV:ROLE:TestUI_Edit) to the users
    • Then you will have one FromASCII file pass to read the scv file and create a custom table
    • Second To Identity Store pass to update the users


Hope you like it :smile:

Simona Lincheva

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